Vol. 5 Proceedings of AMME'96 (4-6 December 1996)
  • Flat rolled products from thin slab technology. Technological and economical potential
    M. Korchynsky (Pittsburgh, U.S.A.), S. Zajac (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Influence of the boron microaddition on the precipitation processes occurring during heat treatment of the alloyed constructional steel
    J. Adamczyk, M. Opiela (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Fundamental aspects as related to damage initiation of time dependent processes
    H. Alush, A. Bussiba, M. Kupiec, Y. Katz (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
  • The protection of steel surfaces at high temperatures by Zirconium oxide coatings deposited by PVD techniques
    M. Andritschky (Guimaraes, Portugal), I. Cunha (Viana de Castelo, Portugal), P. Alpuim (Guimaraes, Portugal)
  • Mechanical properties of ceramic matrix composites based on clinker portland doped with magnesia
    N. Anton, J.M. Ruiz-Prieto, F. Velasco, J.M. Torralba (Madrid, Spain)
  • Optimization of heat treatment conditions for maximum toughness of high strength silicon steel
    A. Barbacki, E. Mikolajski (Poznah, Poland)
  • Improvement of optimizing procedure in design of multilayered cylindrical orthotropic panels
    C. Cali (Salerno, Italy), R. Esposito, G. Godono (Napoli, Italy)
  • Benefits of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
    P. Chiabert, F. Lombardi, M. Orlando (Torino, Italy)
  • Stopowe warstwy kompozytowe na odlewach staliwnych
    M. Cholewa, J. Gawronski, J. Marcinkowska, J. Szajnar, P. Wrobel (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Krystalizacja kompozytow zbrojonych cząstkami dyspersyjnymi SiC i A12O3
    M. Cholewa, J. Gawronski, A. Potempa, J.P. Szmatloch (Gliwice, Poland)
  • On the corrosion resistance of TiAl - nitride and Cr - nitride coatings deposited by PVD techniques
    L. Cunha, M. Andritschky, L. Rebouta, F. Vaz (Guimaraes, Portugal)
  • Steel refining by chemically active plasma
    V. Dembovsky (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
  • Zjawiska strukturalne w ostatnich stadiach pelzania w stalach niskostopowych Cr-Mo-V
    D. Derewnicka, J. Konarski (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Struktura niskotemperaturowo azotowanej stali typu maraging
    D. Derewnicka, J. Konarski, W. Karlinski (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Struktura warstw azotowanych o polepszonych wlasnosciach uzyskanych droga dodat-kowej obrobki cieplnej
    D. Derewnicka, J. Tacikowski (Warszawa, Poland)
  • An adaptive system for turning process control based on tool temperature feedback
    G.E. D'Errico (Orbassano, Italy)
  • Influences of PVD coatings on cermet tool life in continuous and interrupted turning
    G.E. D'Errico, R. Calzavarini (Orbassano, Italy), B. Vicenzi (Genova, Italy)
  • A comparative study of PVD coated cermet inserts for milling applications
    G.E. D'Errico, E. Guglielmi (Orbassano, Italy)
  • Powloki TiN i Ti(C,N) na nowych typach stali szybkotnacych
    L.A. Dobrzanski, M. Adamiak (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Struktura i wlasnosci stali szybkotnacej W-Mo-V-Co typu 9-2-2-5
    L.A. Dobrzanski, W. Kasprzak, J. Mazurkiewicz, W. Kwasny (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Przemiany fazowe zachodzace podczas odpuszczania stali szybkotnacych z dodatkiem tytanu
    L.A. Dobrzanski, M. Ligarski, J. Trzaska (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Zastosowanie sieci neuronalnych do modelowania hartownosci stali konstrukcyjnych
    L.A. Dobrzanski, W. Sitek, D. Krysinski (Gliwice, Poland)
  • A finite element simulation for metal flow
    L.A. Dobrzahski, W. Stefaniak (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Komputerowy system wspomagania doboru materiałów na narzędzia skrawające
    L.A. Dobrzanski, J. Zaclona (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Influence of TiN (PVD) coating on the tool on the identification parameters in turning
    S. Dolinsek, M. Sokovic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • The influence of long-time service on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-Ni-Cr creep resistant Alloy 800H
    B. Dubiel, B. Mikutowski, H. Dybiec (Krakow, Poland), G. Sojka (Chorzow, Poland), A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz (Krakow, Poland)
  • On the interpretation and significance of the Griineisen parameter in thermoelastic stress analysis
    J.M. Dulieu-Smith (Liverpool, United Kingdom), P. Stanley (Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Technology for the production of strips for coins
    T. Fanczalski, A. Hytros (Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland), Z. Rdzawski (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Model describing the characteristic values of flow stress and strain of brass M63 and aluminium bronze BA93
    ZJ. Gronostajski (Wroclaw, Poland)
  • The microstructure and toughness of drum steels after long-term operating
    A. Hernas (Katowice, Poland)
  • Effect of composition on the phase constitution and magnetic properties for mechanically alloyed Sm-Fe-N magnets
    D. Januszewski, M. Leonowicz (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Contribution to mechanical metallurgy behaviour of steel during continuous casting
    Z. Jonsta (Ostrava, Czech Republic), A. Hernas (Katowice, Poland), K. Mazanec (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
  • Odksztalcanie plastyczne wolframowych spiekow ciężkich
    S. Kajzer, R. Kozik (Gliwice, Poland), Z. Ludyiiski, W. Nowak (Warszawa, Poland) 149
  • Kinetics of the dynamic recrystallization of low-alloy steel
    E. Kalinowska-Ozgowicz, A. Tokarz (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Otrzymywanie stopow na magnesy Sm-Fe-N metodq heterogenicznej dyfuzji
    W. Kaszuwara, S. Wojciechowski, M. Leonowicz (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Influence of cutting materiał and coating on tool quality and tool life
    J. Kopać (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Formation of the "natural" metal-matrix composite by thermo-mechanical treatments
    A. Korbel, W. Bochniak. F. Ciura, H. Dybiec, K. Pielą (Kraków, Poland)
  • Structure analysis of austenitic CrMn steel alloyed by nitrogen
    J. Koutsky, Z. Novy (PIzen, Czech Republic)
  • Effect of forging condiiions and heat treatment on ihe microstructure and fatigue strength of two phase titanium alloys
    K. Kubiak, J. Sieniawski (Rzeszów, Poland)
  • State-of-the-art of Distributed Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing systems
    J. Madejski (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Numerical model of macrosegregation proceeding during directional ery siał lization process
    E. Majchrzak (Gliwice, Poland), B. Mochnacki (Częstochowa, Poland), J.S. Suchy (Opole, Poland)
  • Numerical simulation of cast composiie solidification
    E. Majchrzak (Gliwice, Poland), B. Mochnacki (Częstochowa, Poland), J.S. Suchy (Opole, Poland)
  • Some observations about strain localization and shear band formation in concrete samples
    C.E. Majorana, V. Salomoni, B.A. Schrefler (Padova, Italy)
  • Developing processes of properties' improvement of nickel base superalloys
    M. Martinković. M. Ziińansky, P. Pinke, M. Hazlinger, S. Emmer (Tmava, Slovak Republic)
  • Construction and exploiiation of the high dimension cermet slide bearings in the poły-ethylene reactor
    J. Nowacki, W. Żak (Łódź, Poland)
  • Heterogeneity of strengthening of the thick-walled copper square tubes in a process of drawing through a roller die
    T. Oczkowicz, S. Tkaczyk (Gliwice, Poland)
  • The influence of the base structure and carbon coating on the corrosion resistance of the Co-Cr-Mo alloy
    Z. Paszenda, J. Marciniak (Gliwice, Poland)
  • The neural network application in the group technology
    T. Pilot, R. Knosala (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Mechanism of metal laser melting after plastic deformation
    V. Prokhorenko (Lviv, Ukraine), A. Bylica (Rzeszow, Poland), V. Rosczupkm (Moscow, Russia), H.-D. Tietz (Zwickau, Germany), S. Prokhorenko (Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Integral method from initial values to obtain the best fit of the Garofalo's creep equation
    I. Rieiro, O.A. Ruano, M. Eddahbi, M. Carsi (Madrid, Spain)
  • Taking into account elastic displacements in 3D tolerancing. Models and application
    S. Samper, M. Giordano (Annecy, France)
  • Surface integrity of electro-discharge machined inconel and steel alloys
    F. Shehata (Malaysia), H. Hanna, A. Kohail, S. Mahrous (Egypt)
  • Fabrication of metal matrix composites by squeeze-loose particle process
    F. Shehata (Malaysia), H. Hanna, M. Taha, M. Abdelhamid (Egypt)
  • On the interrelationships of some machinability parameters in finish machining with cermet TiN (PVD) coated tools
    M. Sokovic, M. Bahor (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Corrosion investigations of nanocrystalline iron based alloy
    D. Szewieczek, J. Tyrlik-Held, Z. Paszenda (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Median/radial crack configurations in low cobalt grades of hardmetals
    M. Szutkowska (Krakow, Poland)
  • Modelling and description of die forging processes
    B. Tomov, V. Gagov (Rousse, Bulgaria)
  • Grain size effect on brittle-ductile transition behaviour of mild steel
    L. Toth, S. Dadvandipour (Miskolc, Hungary)
  • Analysis of a criterion of deep drawing operation capability for thin orthotropic sheets
    P. Vacher, R. Arrieux, L. Tabourot (Annecy, France)
  • An expert system in field of electron beam welding
    A. Wymysłowski (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Glide of dislocations in metals by in-situ TEM
    W. Ziefinski, W.A. Swiatnicki, J.W. Wyrzykowski (Warszawa, Poland)
  • Structure modification in rheocast AL-Cu alloy by heat treatment and implications on mechanical properties mechanical properties
    E.J. Zoqui, M.H. Robert (Campinas, Brazil)
  • Off-line programming of flexible welding manufacturing cells
    S.C. Absi Alfaro (Brasilia, Brazil)